Sylvia Stikes Again!

I have another poem, this time a short piece, up at the Plath Poetry Project! In October of 1962, Sylvia Plath wrote 25 poems, so I’m trying to do the same, much to the explosion of my mind on an almost daily basis! To accommodate the plethora of poems this month, the Project editors are publishing four weekly retrospectives. I am pleased to have my poem “The Terrible Rooms of Mirrors” in the first week’s showcase as a response to Plath’s “The Courage of Shutting-Up,” written by her on October 2, 1962.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.40.33 PM

Norman Rockwell’s “Girl at Mirror,” 1954


2 thoughts on “Sylvia Stikes Again!

  1. kbreiki says:

    Fascinating! Your poetry adds a new perspective to Plath’s poetry, and gives much food for thought! Interesting to think about this from an age perspective— mine vs. yours!! K >

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