Dressing the Wounds

My first chapbook, Dressing the Wounds, was published in October of 2019 by dancing girl press, an indie press and design studio in Chicago. The press publishes an annual chapbook series featuring the work of women poets, and my manuscript was one of those chosen by Editor Kristy Bowen during the dgp annual open reading period in the summer of 2018. The gorgeous front and back cover art pictured below were made by painter & poet Laura Page. To order the book, visit the dgp website.


Check out this book review of Dressing the Wounds, written by Jennifer Martelli, featured at Mom Egg Review. Martelli writes, “I loved this collection, which is an homage to the split apart and the re-joining, an homage to sound, to poetry. This is a collection to be read out loud, and then, read out loud to a beloved.”


Here’s a conversation I had with Libby Maxey about my chapbook Dressing the Wounds, my writing practice, and my work as an editor, featured in Literary Mama. In response to Maxey asking “How is childhood a way in for you, as writer and as wife/mother?” I answered, “I do tend to mythologize childhood, as a terrain to visit in search of understanding. I think this comes from my obsession with time. I want to arrest time, to harness it in the body of poems, and when I look to childhood for keys to how adults act in the now, I go searching with a measure of both envy and empathy.”