• My poem “Malum” featured at Trubadour!

    My poem “Malum” (originally published in Mom Egg Review and nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2017) was highlighted in the Trubadour newsletter! Trubadour – “the poetry network” – is a start-up created by Rebecca Roach. As she describes it, it’s a space for poetry in a share-and-connect world, a platform for writing and finding poems by contemporary poets. Check out the newsletter for her profile of my poem and for all kinds of interesting poetry news and poems! Thanks, Rebecca Roach!

  • My poem “Ball & Chain” is up at Plath Poetry Project!

    I have a poem up once again at the Plath Poetry Project! My poem “Ball & Chain” is in response to Plath’s poem “Thalidomide.” In her poem, I was drawn to the adjective “spidery,” and to the language of spilled mercury, termination, and violent birth. I also really like her phrase “to carpenter a space”; there’s something powerful about the idea of creating room, physically or mentally or emotionally, though both her poem and mine are ultimately more destructive than creative.

  • My poem “Fawn” is featured in #MeToo online quarterly edition of MER VOX!

    My poem “Fawn” is up at the MER VOX folio, the Mom Egg Review’s online quarterly, assembled around a given theme for each season. The winter 2017 edition was curated beautifully, as always, by Jennifer Colella Martelli and Cindy Veach. This issue is representing the #MeToo movement, and I couldn’t be more honored to lend my voice to the mix of other voices telling our individual yet collective stories.

  • My new poem “Wish” is up at the Plath Poetry Project!

    I have a new poem published in the third October retrospective of the Plath Poetry Project. My poem “Wish” is written after Plath’s “Stopped Dead,” composed by her on October 19, 1962. Reading her poem led me to thinking about the cruelty of children, and the way we bumble so badly though our relations with the opposite sex at times, especially when the idea of bodies, and sex, is something we are bred to be ashamed of, or uncomfortable around. I also tried to answer Plath’s question, a little, when she asks in her poem, “Is it a penny, a pearl— / Your soul, your soul?”  

  • I’ll be on the radio show “Poetry à la Carte” on 11/13 and presenting at the Write Angles conference on 11/18!

    I will be on Daisy Mathias’s radio show “Poetry à la Carte” at 5:00 pm on Monday, November 13 with Amy Dryansky and Emily Wojcik talking about persistence in poetry publishing, the topic of a panel we three women will be leading at the Write Angles writing conference at Mt. Holyoke College on Saturday, November 18. Listen to the show live-streamed from 5:00-5:30 pm on 11/13, and come to the conference on 11/18! Poetry, Publishing, and Persistence 3:00-4:25 in the Executive Board Room Panelists: Amy Dryansky, Rebecca Hart Olander, Emily Wojcik Publishing is a tricky business, and publishing poetry can be especially daunting. In this discussion, three writers who are…

  • My poem “Book of Changes” is published in Leonard Cohen Anthology!

    I’m excited to have my poem, “Book of Changes,” published this month in Anthem: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen. There’s a book trailer highlighting the project, and the anthology is now available on Amazon. This is a charity project, with proceeds from the book sales going to the Red Cross! Thanks to the organizers of this cool collection for Nocturnicorn Books, especially Selene MacLeod, Jordan Gallader, and Alex S. Johnson.

  • My poem “Malum” was nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize!

    The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series accepts nominations for inclusion of works published in literary magazines and books during the previous year. The 2017 nominations are rolling in, and I’m excited to share that my poem “Malum” was nominated by the Mom Egg Review, the beautiful journal it was published in earlier this year. Thanks Mom Egg Review! Here’s the text of the poem:

  • Sylvia Stikes Again!

    I have another poem, this time a short piece, up at the Plath Poetry Project! In October of 1962, Sylvia Plath wrote 25 poems, so I’m trying to do the same, much to the explosion of my mind on an almost daily basis! To accommodate the plethora of poems this month, the Project editors are publishing four weekly retrospectives. I am pleased to have my poem “The Terrible Rooms of Mirrors” in the first week’s showcase as a response to Plath’s “The Courage of Shutting-Up,” written by her on October 2, 1962. Norman Rockwell’s “Girl at Mirror,” 1954

  • “Poem of the Moment” at Mass Poetry & Reading Tonight!

    My poem “Reading Tarot before our Eighteenth Anniversary” is the “Poem of the Moment” at Mass Poetry this week! So happy to be included on the site of this great organization promoting poetry across Massachusetts! I’m also reading tonight, August 30, at 7:00 @ Forbes Library in the Community Room with Dan Rattelle & Kat Janeczek. Can’t wait!