• Sylvia Stikes Again!

    I have another poem, this time a short piece, up at the Plath Poetry Project! In October of 1962, Sylvia Plath wrote 25 poems, so I’m trying to do the same, much to the explosion of my mind on an almost daily basis! To accommodate the plethora of poems this month, the Project editors are publishing four weekly retrospectives. I am pleased to have my poem “The Terrible Rooms of Mirrors” in the first week’s showcase as a response to Plath’s “The Courage of Shutting-Up,” written by her on October 2, 1962. Norman Rockwell’s “Girl at Mirror,” 1954

  • “Poem of the Moment” at Mass Poetry & Reading Tonight!

    My poem “Reading Tarot before our Eighteenth Anniversary” is the “Poem of the Moment” at Mass Poetry this week! So happy to be included on the site of this great organization promoting poetry across Massachusetts! I’m also reading tonight, August 30, at 7:00 @ Forbes Library in the Community Room with Dan Rattelle & Kat Janeczek. Can’t wait!

  • Iowa Bird of Mouth Project

    I just submitted a robin poem to this cool project, Iowa Bird of Mouth. IBOM is an online crowd-sourced poem honoring twelve Iowa birds between September 2016-August 2017. They seek the words and stories of bird lovers, bird watchers, writers, artists, musicians, teachers, students, scientists, non-profits, federal and state orgs, environmental stewards, and nature lovers from around the world—regardless of age, education, publication history, location or writing style. Text in the poems is open source and available to visual artists, musicians, other writers, orgs, etc. for use in creative projects. I just happened to have a robin paradelle hanging around (though the site couldn’t accommodate my lineation, but whatevs). Maybe you have a robin…

  • Plath Poetry Project Publications

    I’ve been involved in a new writing project that started in April, inspired by the poems of Sylvia Plath. The charge is to write a poem on the same day Plath did during the last year of her life, between April and February, using her poems as sparks in some way. Thanks to the editors of the Plath Poetry Project, M.J. Arlett and Leenie Moore! It’s gotten me writing for the first time since last fall, which hasn’t been convenient while still teaching this semester, but it did result in two poems being accepted for publication in their monthly retrospective. The first one, “Trigger,” was written in response to Plath’s “An Appearance.” My…

  • A poem of mine is out this month in Virga!

    My poem “Hurricane Necklace” was just published in the inaugural issue of Virga Magazine. It’s addressed to my daughter, for an in-between time we shared over twenty years ago, and it is also for my husband, who created this game with her.