A Public Poetic Conversation & Nods to Note

I’m excited to share that my poems have received a few accolades of late –

My poem “Wellfleet,” published in Parks & Points, was nominated for a 2020 Pushcart Prize

My poem “Vermont” received honorable mention in the Slate Roof Press Broadside Contest

My poem “Golden Shovel Full of Darkness, Southern Flowers, and Moondust” was a semi-finalist for the Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Poetry Prize, and will be published next month in Tinderbox Poetry Journal


Also, I’m grateful to Libby Maxey for engaging in a conversation with me about my first chapbook, Dressing the Wounds, my writing practices, and my work as an editor for Perugia Press, among other things. The interview was just published in Literary Mama. Here’s an excerpt:

“I do tend to mythologize childhood, as a terrain to visit in search of understanding. I think this comes from my obsession with time. I want to arrest time, to harness it in the body of poems, and when I look to childhood for keys to how adults act in the now, I go searching with a measure of both envy and empathy. It’s not that I want to be a child again (even the romantic part of me remembers how hard growing up can be), but the spirit of that time—especially in girls when they are less self-conscious, and in boys when they are ‘allowed’ to retain their sweetness—is worthy of emulation. So, yes, childhood does speak of possibility for me.”

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