LINEA Volume 2 Online Readings

Look at this beauty that arrived in my mailbox! LINEA is a hand-stitched, limited-edition journal of micro fiction (pieces are 180 words max), featuring a letterpress cover and made with love in every way by Simian Press. The picture doesn’t do it justice; inside there is visual and written art, including a gorgeous fold-out set of drawings by publisher Adell Donaghue (made in honor of her sister who died of COVID-19 in 2020, created with brushes made from nature, and harnessing joy in the midst of grief). Deep gratitude to Donaghue and editors Carol Edelstein and Elizabeth George for giving my piece “Grady’s Heart” a home in this jewel box. Listen in to the virtual launch of Volume 2 of LINEA online, and consider bringing one of these beauties into your home.

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