My review of Henry Lyman’s new book just published in Rain Taxi!

My review of Henry Lyman’s poetry collection The Land Has Its Say has just been published online at Rain Taxi Review of Books. Check it out here:

The Land Has Its Say


  • marciafhart

    Compelling review! I read it and ordered a copy. Your descriptions evoked much:”The Cairn” made me think of your Dad, I thought my most literary friend Kasha would surely love this book and thought perhaps before I gave it to her I could read “the Taken” or “Land’s End” to my Tai Chi class. All stimulated by the review! Bravo Henry! Very happy for both of you!

  • Wally Swist

    Quite a competent review by Rebecca of Henry’s book. She quotes from, and italicizes by doing so, many of the best poems of that book, especially “Cricket’s Way,” which may be the anthology poem in the collection.

    Nice work. Tight descriptive sentences that often surprisingly turn on the well-oiled hinges of a fluid syntax. Her critical points are well presented, and she doesn’t give away too much. Just enough.

    Wally Swist

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