New collaborative poems & collages

I’m happy to share that some pieces from a collaborative project created by Elizabeth Paul and me have been appearing online this year. Our process involved the exchange of collages we made over the course of a year, along with poems we wrote based on the other’s collages. This became our latest manuscript, Our Edges Away. It was so much fun to work in both text and image and to explore the ways that each of us–and each medium–inspired, intersected with, and interrogated the other.

To check out our creations, you can find one collage and its response poem in the “Renewal” issue of petrichor (mentioned in my last post; thanks to Seth Copeland and the petrichor crew). Liz and I are “Featured Artists” in the latest issue of The Indianapolis Reviewwith six collages appearing on their own (thanks to Editor Natalie Solmer and the team at IR). This month, two collages and their response poems appear in Les Femmes Folles: Women in Art (thanks to Editor Sally Deskins).

First appeared in Les Femmes Folles

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