“Poet Spotlight” Interview w/Andrea Blythe

Poet Andrea Blythe featured me in her “Poet Spotlight” this month to discuss my chapbook Dressing the Wounds, teaching, editing, writing community, what I’m reading, and who I recommend others should read (hint, this would be ALL Perugia poets, including our latest poet Jackie Balderrama, and, other current faves: Eve L. Ewing, Marilyn Nelson, and Kwoya Fagin Maples).

An excerpt: In response to Blythe’s question “What keeps you writing?” I answered, “It is my primary creative outlet and way of understanding my environment, and my place within that. [What] keeps me writing is both the unexpected beauty and brightness of the everyday as well as the inevitable brinks and plunges into darkness life offers. That seems to be when I am moved to write, either in awe or gratitude for the world’s loveliness — from a state of wonder — or when I feel unmoored and go in search of answers to questions, or at least a place to voice the unanswerable.Screen-Shot-2019-10-01-at-3.42.35-PM

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