2024    Poem “Late October Light” featured in anthology of winners of the Women’s National Book Association’s Writing Contest (forthcoming)

2024    Poem “Anniversary” featured in anthology Braving the Body (Harbor Editions)

2024    Poem “My Decidua” in Mom Egg Review

2023    Poems “This Bird Has Flown” and “The Mousetrap” in Ilanot Review

2023    Poems “The Button Box,” and “Outside Modern Myths: Waiting in the Car while the Teens Battle on Game Night” featured in “My Bones are in You” section of anthology WAVES: A Confluence of Women’s Voices 

2023    Poems “Talisman” and “To my Daughter, Departing for Indonesia” in The Los Angeles Press

2023   Three collaborative collage-poem exchanges from the project “Our Edges Away,” made with Elizabeth Paul, in Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry Issue 37: Collaborations

2023    Poem “The Swing Set Refuses Blame for the Wasps’ Offense” in 3Elements Review

2023    Poem “The Whale” in SWWIM Every Day‘s #tbt feature from their archives

2023   Poem “There’s No Place Like Home” featured in “This World I Want You to Save” section of anthology WAVES: A Confluence of Women’s Voices (A Room of Her Own Foundation)

2023    Poems “On Mothering, Mortality, and the Wankel T. rex” & “Telling the Bees” in On the Seawall

2022   Poem “Husk,” from Uncertain Acrobats, highlighted in Sundress’s “The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed” feature, chosen by Guest Curator Kirsten Kowalewski

2022    Poem “Wycinanki” in Hayden’s Ferry Review’s web issue “Tiny Architectures”

2022   Poem “Thank You for Your Labors, Pioneer, Undertaken Often at Night” (in response to a Julie Lapping Rivera woodcut of Rachel Carson from her “Look Again” series) shown in exhibit “Another World Is Possible” at A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, MA

2021    Full-length poetry collection Uncertain Acrobats (CavanKerry Press)

2021   Two collaborative collage-poem exchanges from the project “Our Edges Away,” made with Elizabeth Paul, in Tiny Spoon Issue 7: “Collaboration”

2021    Poems “Fifteen” and “As Bees” in Jet Fuel Review’s spring issue in the special “Golden Shovel” section

2021    Poem “Wellfleet” in Wayfinding: Poetry Celebrating America’s Parks and Public Lands anthology from Parks & Points (Finishing Line Press)

2020    Short fiction piece “Grady’s Heart” in LINEA 

2020   Poems “Woodcut of Sylvia” and “Tiger Lady” in the collaborative woodcut and poetry exhibit “Look Again,” inspired by the NYT’s “Overlooked” series

2020   Poems “A Pair of Gloves” and “Listening to the Neighbor Girl Who Beat the Moonrise to Pick Something up from the Corner Store during the Pandemic” in Bracken Magazine’s “Corona Hopelings” issue, along with audio recordings

2020   Poem “Wrecked, Off Pavilion Beach” featured in Crab Creek Review blog

2020   Poem “Cape Ann” in Mom Egg Review’s “Home” Issue, Volume 18

2020   Collaborative poem/collage pairings in Aperçus Literary Magazine

2019    Poem “Basho muses that poets make poems like woodcutters swiftly fell trees” in The Massachusetts Review

2019    Poem “Golden Shovel Full of Darkness, Southern Flowers, and Moondust” in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

2019    Poetry chapbook Dressing the Wounds (dancing girl press)

2019    Poem “Temporary Cowgirl” featured in New Feral Press horse poem project

2019   Poem “‘Grounds of Memory’ Tour at the Homestead Museum” in Ode to the Dead Writers Collection chapbook from Straw Dog Writers Guild

2019    Poem “Long Marriage” in Molecule

2019    Virtual exhibit of collaborative poem/collage pairings in diaphanous micro 

2019    Selections from How the Letters Invent Us, a collaborative manuscript, featured in Adirondack Review 

2019    Poem “In Which I Am Anne of Green Gables Avoiding Doing the Dishes” in Nightjar Review

2019    Poem “Goldilocks” in MockingHeart Review

2019    Poem “Visitation” in Bracken anthology

2019    Poems “Daily” and “Dysmorphia” in MER VOX online quarterly folio, “Motherhood & Guilt” edition

2019    Poem “Wrecked, Off Pavilion Beach” in Crab Creek Review

2019    Poem “Tahlequah” featured in anthology For Love of Orcas

2019    Poem “Turritopsis dohrnii” featured in the “Poetry Spotlight” blog for Woven Tale Press

2019   Collaborative blog post in epistolary form on the theme of text-and-image work, written with Elizabeth Paul and published on the See Double Press blog

2019   Poem “Make Believe” in Wanderlust: The Best of 2019 Anthology

2019    Poem “Wellfleet” in Parks & Points & Poetry 2019

2019    Poem “Inheritance” in Mom Egg Review

2019    Poems “Turritopsis dohrnii,” “Grand Central Station,” and “Supermoon” in Woven Tale Press

2019    Short fiction piece “Fainting Couch” in LINEA

2019    Poem “Cartomancy” in Lily Poetry Review

2019    Collage/poem collaboration with Elizabeth Paul in Les Femmes Folles

2019    Featured artist for collage collaboration with Elizabeth Paul in The Indianapolis Review

2019    Collage/poem collaboration with Elizabeth Paul in petrichor’s Issue IX: Renewal

2018    Poem “The Whale” in SWWIM Every Day

2018    Poem “The Cancer Is Back” in Silkworm 11

2018    Poem “Humble Pie” featured in poetry craft book The Practicing Poet: Writing Beyond the Basics (published by Terrapin Books)

2018    Selections from How the Letters Invent Us, a collaborative manuscript written with Elizabeth Paul, featured in They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing (published by Black Lawrence Press)

2018    Selections from How the Letters Invent Us, a collaborative manuscript, featured in Duende

2018    Poem “What the Digital Sign Flashed at Me as I Drove Downtown” in Literary Mama

2018    Poems “How, Drinking One Monday in Massachusetts, I Remembered What I Felt on the Carrer de Mallorca in Spain One Long-Ago Winter” and “Make Believe” (with accompanying photographs) in Wanderlust Journal

2018    Poems “Soundtrack for Growing Up,” “Avian Envy” and “A New Song” in Hedge Apple magazine “Mix Tape: The Music Issue”

2018    Poems “Plein Air,” “On Learning about the Craft of Quilling from an Exhibit in the Field Memorial Library,” and “Where Lost Streets Go” featured in Compass Roads: Poems about the Pioneer Valley (published by Straw Dog Writers Guild)

2018    Poems “The Snail” and “Untethered” in the Plath Poetry Project February retrospective

2018    Poem “Pressed Flowers” in Mom Egg Review Vol. 16 – Play & Work Issue

2018    Poem “I Bet Beavers Never Want to Live a Different Life” in the Plath Poetry Project January retrospective

2018    Poem ” ‘The Finding of Erichthonius’: A Study in Stages” in “Pictures” edition of The Ilanot Review

2018    Poems “The Conception of Immaculate” and “Perigee” in the Plath Poetry Project December retrospective

2017    Poem “Ball & Chain” in the Plath Poetry Project November retrospective

2017    Poem “Fawn” in MER VOX online quarterly folio, #MeToo edition

2017    Poem “Wish” in the Plath Poetry Project October Week Three retrospective

2017    Poem “Book of Changes” in Anthem: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen, a charity anthology from Nocturnicorn Books

2017    Poem “The Terrible Rooms of Mirrors” in the Plath Poetry Project October Week One retrospective

2017    Poem “Mockingbird Elegy” in Silkworm 10

2017    Poem “Sylvia’s Present” in the Plath Poetry Project September retrospective

2017    Poem “Reading Tarot before our Eighteenth Anniversary” named “Poem of the Moment” at

2017    Poems “I Have Nothing to Confess” and “On Learning to Say Noin Plath Poetry Project July retrospective

2017    Poem “Dark-eyed Junco” in Solstice Literary Magazine

2017    Poem “Gloucester Music” in the Plath Poetry Project May retrospective

2017    Poem “Paradelle for the Robins” in Iowa Bird of Mouth (IBOM) Project

2017    Poems “The Bow” and “Trigger” in the Plath Poetry Project April retrospective

2017    Poem “Hurricane Necklace” in Virga Magazine

2017    Poem “Malum” in Mom Egg Review

2017    Poem “What I Remember About Heidi” in Naugatuck River Review

2017    Poem “Visitation” in Bracken Magazine

2017    Poem “Dressing the Wounds” in Radar Poetry

2016    Poems “Maid of Honor” and “Considering Delores” in Queen of Cups

2016    Guest column “Time to listen, avoid hypocrisy” in Daily Hampshire Gazette

2016    Poem “Seneca Deer” in Yemassee Journal

2016    Poems “Oz” and “Biomimicry” in The Gallery of Readers Anthology

2016    Book review of Dinner with Emerson in Solstice Literary Magazine

2016    Poems “Mass on the Mammogram,” “Poetry,” and “Why I Became an English Teacher” in The Dandelion Review

2016    Book review of Admit One: An American Scrapbook in Solstice Literary Magazine

2016    Poem “Strange Fruit” on Joshua Michael Stewart’s blog, as Jazz Poetry #13

2016    Book review of Waving Back in Valparaiso Poetry Review

2015    Book review of The Land Has Its Say in Rain Taxi Review of Books

2015    Poem “Strange Fruit” in Brilliant Corners

2015    Poem “Green Halloween” in 30 Poems in November! anthology

2015    Book review of Seascape in Rain Taxi Review of Books

2015    Poem “Alita Darcy” on Danny Earl Simmons’ poetry blog, as Poems I Admire #10

2015    Book review of I Carry My Mother in Solstice Literary Magazine

2014    Poem “Late October Light” in Bookwoman

2014    Poem “Return to Great Meadows” in Lemon Hound

2014    Poem “Driving Lessons” in 30 Poems in November! anthology

2014    Poem “In Memorium” in Silkworm

2014    Poem “Alita Darcy” in Naugatuck River Review

2014    Poem “Kimona” in Naugatuck River Review

2013    Poem “Alita Darcy” in 30 Poems in November! anthology

2013    Poem “Reciprocity” in Common Ground Review

2012    Poem “Veterans Day on Authors Ridge” in 30 Poems in November! anthology

2011    Poem “Before the Divorce” in 30 Poems in November! anthology

2010    Poem “On Walking Past the Cemetery Gates” in 30 Poems in November! anthology

2009    Poem “Modest Joy” featured on “The Bill Dwight Show” radio program


  • Linda Murphy Marshall

    I especially LOVED “The Terrible Rooms of Mirrors” — wow…..spoke to me….wish I’d read it decades ago! Thanks for your beautiful art and poetry, Rebecca!

    • Rebecca Hart Olander

      I really appreciate your comment, Linda. Thank you for checking out my work. I wish I had taken in that message decades ago, also!

  • Dale Jones

    I really enjoyed your poem I BET BEAVERS NEVER WANT TO LIVE A DIFFERENT LIFE that was published in The Plath Poetry Project in January.

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