September Collaborations & Personas

September has just arrived, and I’m happy to have two new prose poem publications to share. I’m honored to have four pieces up at The Adirondack Review from one of the collaborative collections I made with Elizabeth Paul. Liz and I write about sundogs, Van Gogh and his brother Theo, the color red, a multitude of Lucys, the term petaloso, and Fenway Park, among other things. I’m also pleased that my persona poem “In Which I am Anne of Green Gables Avoiding Doing the Dishes” is up at Nightjar Review.

Vincent Van Gogh, “Bedroom at Arles”


  • Barry DeCarli

    Rebecca (and Liz),

    About half way through the magical journey riding on your prose poem words, “The Glass Bead Game” came to mind, although I remembered it as “Magister Ludi” (had to Google it to be sure it was right novel). It was a book that I never thought I understood well, yet it popped into my head reading your words. Maybe, my connection makes sense.

    I loved the way you connected a myriad of things in The Adirondack Review prose poem. I’m surely not a reviewer or a critic, I just enjoyed the flow of ideas and the interconnections of thoughts. I was amazed by how much was going on. I’ll read it all again tomorrow, along with the Nightjar Review persona poem.


    • Rebecca Hart Olander

      Dear Barry,

      I don’t know the novel, but I’m glad to hear of it and will keep it in mind! And thank you so much – what you enjoyed is what we enjoyed in the making of the project: letting our thoughts associate freely with each other’s thoughts. When putting the collection together after a year and a half of creative exchanges, we decided not to heavily edit the pieces, in hopes that that the organic feeling we’d had in creating them was retained. There are many threads that naturally interconnected these pieces, and we wanted them to live on the page in that state. Anyway, thank you so much, from both me and Liz, for reading and responding!

      Take care,

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